Chef Gulzar Hussain

Chef Gulzar Hussain

 Chef Gulzar Hussain

Birth Date:15th August 1964
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Favorite Flower:Rose
Gulzar is a well-known Chef in Pakistan and his full
name is Gulzar Hussain. He was born in Pakistan on
August 15th 1964 and his school name is Pacsidal School
which is situated at Nazimabad (Karachi) and after
passed 10th standard, he completed his inter from the
National College which is situated at North Nazimabad

He obtained his specialized chef training from Japan
and after completes the training he has spend almost
12 years for job purpose on Japanese cuisine. When
Gulzar working in Japan he stated to like a girl and
she was half Thai and Japanese. She was very helpful
while working with Gulzar. One day Gulzar was propose
to her and after one day she accepted his proposal, in
Gulzar views that was the happiest day of his life.

In 1994 he got married with her and on the other hand
in the same year his father passed away after felt
sick. In 1997, Gulzar send his wife to Pakistan for
get Islamic Education and co-operated with his mother.
After two year his mother got strictly sick when he
hearing this news he finally decided to come back to
Pakistan. In 2000, he came back to Pakistan and after
six month stayed he again went to Thailand with his
daughter and wife. After five year duration he
realized that his daughter was getting elder and
decided to again return back in Pakistan due to his
daughter Islamic Education.

After settled in Pakistan he was opened a new Thai
Sea Food restaurant in Defense phase 2.In this
restaurant Gulzar designation is a co-coordinator.
With this effort and he started a morning show
in 2005 on Hum TV. Due to this show he was popular
in all over Pakistan and get success. He specially
loves Bar-B-Que and Sea Food and loved to makes these
recipes on his show. After he was starting his passion
on TV shows he had done shows on the channels of TV


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